New Project Engineer at NLI Engineering

19/02/24 av

To further strengthen our Project Support team, Hind Dawood is employed as Project Engineer at NLI Engineering from 12th of February 2024.


Hind comes from VS Element, where she held the position of Project Engineer / Calculator. In this role, Hind has, among other things, had the tasks of calculating small and large projects, preparing offers, solutions for the support system on concrete and steel, responsibility for planning production for concrete elements, assisting the project with the financial basis, obtaining prices from subcontractors and responsibility for project development.

Hind is educated as a building engineer from OsloMet and graduated in 2019.
She is 33 years old and lives in Holmestrand.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Hind to our team!

Christoffer Adolfsen

Contact: Hind Dawood, Project Enigneer